Feb/Mar. 2016


Gaygodlove.com is a external and physical church of love and God. Its members are you and me and everyone who prays to an almighty God with love in their heart. We are mostly gay men and members of the LGBT community; but not everyone, some are gay friendly and they too need a place to be.

We come from all walks of life; we originate from many places; many of us have had past experiences with many religions; some experiences were not positive.
Yet despite many falsehoods that were preached to us, WE BELIEVE IN GOD. We take claim to who we are and we recognize that we are all God's children.

GAYGODLOVE is a church of prayer. It is the spirit within you when you pray. It is knowing you are interacting with a love greater than ourselves. It is knowing when you pray we are talking with God, a Higher Power who listens.

Some may ask, 'How do I pray?"
Prayer is simply speaking from your heart to a power much greater than ourselves. It is the creator of the universes. It is that which is good and shuns that which is evil.

How do I know, "If anyone or if a God is listening?"
It is the light switch you knew would operate before you turned it on. It is the inner voice who tells you to make that phone call. When praying sincerely, a feeling comes within you; knowing that God is with you, listening.

We within the gay community are very splattered when it comes to discussing God. Part of the new trend is to be POLITICALLY CORRECT and just be agnostic.
Yet, disappointments in life, pain and conflict comes to everyone and it must be discussed. Yet in our hurt, we find solitude and with that comes a return to our God.

It is because we know inside that God will give us comfort, God will forgive us and God is always there for us.
Our God is a God of love. Not a God of hate. Our God comforts us but not always revealing the "whys" of life's tribulations and trials. A God who promises us if we believe, peace will return to your heart not matter what the problem.

GAYGODLOVE helps us to continue your thoughts of God. It is meant to show how we are all human and worthy of God's love. The newsletter is a tool for fuel and thought for your spirit. It is not to change your belief of Judaism or Christianity...or to have you stop meditating. It is there for you to keep the one connection of the true God of all.

It exists to help you know that you are interacting with God when you pray and God listens.

Where do you pray?
It is important you pray daily alone. A time for you to talk with your creator, to share your day, your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams or your disappointments. Pray when you awake in your room, take a walk in the park, or sit at the lake, in a meditation room or a prayer room. Or maybe when you are on the treadmill!

Prayer can take place where you can be sincere in your thoughts and words.

It is important that you are not ashamed of praying or prayer. God wants you to be proud of your love of God and your belief of God. Never dismiss God for God will never dismiss you.

I believe in God and go back every day, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes disappointed, sometimes crying. or sometimes doubting but always returning. It is God who is always there, always forgiving of my anger, my wrong thoughts, and misunderstanding. God's love is unconditional.

And the next time someone asks you, "do you believe in God?"
Proudly answer, "I do?"
And if they continue to question you, 'What is your Church or faith? What do you believe in?"
Answer proudly, "I believe in Gay God Love."