Feb/Mar. 2016


Do you accept and reject different items concerning God? Do you rationalize your actions of what God finds acceptable? Do you create your own God of what is and what isn't?

Learning of what is to be good and what is to be bad behavior, mostly everyone has an understanding of and how we must behave in society. This behaviorism whether learned or natural instinct is another issue.

So if we comprehend what is good and what is bad, acceptable and non-acceptable, how do we relate this insight to a Supreme Being?
Gay men are from the beginning at an opposing view, since almost the majority of religions especially Christianity has condemned homosexuals as sinners and spirits to be cast into hell.

For gay men it is an immediate reaction upon accepting one's homosexuality; as a normal function since birth, all anti-gay religions are immediately dismissed.
Christianity when further looked at; becomes learned; that its founder Christ never actually condemned homosexuals.
It is also said of the Jewish faith God actually NEVER said to the masses that all homosexuals are sinners and shall be cast into hell.

In both circumstances it was always proclaimed by the followers, a so call prophet, or a self proclaimed zealot. It was they who decided to proclaim to the public what is and what isn't to be followed; or true; without any proof or basis, other than their interpretation.

My view is no different, I have come to conclude from various sources what God expects of me.
I truly believe the more I pray the more internal peace I have. I also believe in knowing what is right and wrong, also comes to know what God expects and doesn't expect. It is simply a matter of what God has placed in your heart and spirit. But this rational is for me not necessarily you.

Other than my request to you to pray to God, it is not me to tell you what is right or wrong, what is expected of you. I believe your guidance comes from God and is between you and God.

It is not my role to say what you are to believe. It is not my place to judge you; to think you are better or less than others because of your beliefs. It is not my place to judge you on how you live.

I would only pray you learn to love God and treat others as yourself with love and dignity.

I wish you a good week, a good conversation with God and peace in your heart. May you smile and laugh with those who you love. And especially today, help and love a new person.
God bless you and keep you safe.