Feb/Mar. 2016


Feeling alone is an emotion that can be very painful. Sometimes those who live by themselves when watching a TV show can end painfully. Maybe the ending recognizes love of a partner or child-- of which you do not have. Its ending brings a pain in your heart and your soul may feel empty.
Sometimes it is a death of a partner, a loss of a pet, or a dismissal in a job. It could be hurting words coming from a true friend. Or just another person's disappointment. Many of these causes can cause pain and a feeling of loneliness

When alone and in pain, it is ok to CRY! Cry and ask God to comfort you. Make it a time to talk to God; to share your pain and ask for comfort. Life will always have downs in your emotions but God promises you "ups" when you ask.

Many times you want to blame God. Take a moment and ask for help instead. Your pray will be answer and God will assist you.

There will be two forms of relief. Temporary relief to take away the immediate pain. Eventual permanent relief, in time God will give you the tools to adapt and continue on your journey.

When you wake you after a tragedy, ask God for a better day. Ask God for help you to think positive. Ask God for new energy to dissolve the pain.

God wants you to process pain and grief but God also wants you to conquer and move on. Getting thru your day will not be easy. God will help you if you ask. It could be a request for your daily start-up prayer.

We are all alone, alone when we are born; alone when we die; alone on a one to one with God. YET NEVER ALONE IN SPIRIT.
God is with you, helping you and wanting you to get to your goals of betterment and goodness.

Let God help you in your pain! God who loves you wants you to be happy. God who created you wants to be more than you creator, God wants to be part of your daily life.
With God and knowing God's love, you will feel God in your spirt and will never be alone.
Tell yourself, "my friend God is there for me and will always help me"!