Feb/Mar. 2016


Dear God, I am humbly praying to you and asking you to let me again have understanding of my path of courage.

My doubt of your love and justice has been over whelming, I have continuously been angry at you my Creator, blaming You for my troubles and all that has hurt me.

I am truly sorry if I offended you. I am not always a very smart person. I tend to blame others for that which circumstances I may have caused and I ask for your forgiveness.

Being alone, the passing of my pet was very painful, the rejection of friends in my quest for You has caused unwanted sorry. I know that people who defend God are often confronted with challenges and ignored...or worst. I never knew it would be this difficult.

I need you in my life God; I need the spirit of my best friend within You. I ask for your help.

I also ask help; for my friends who too are in pain. My friends who have pain of a sick and dying loved one; pain from loneliness; pain from disappointment in not finding sobriety; pain in their heart for feeling helpless in their search for employment and I ask for understanding for those who have hurt me yet feeling no wrong. Pain has entered many because of confusion. Pain because they fear the first step of your love, acknowledgement.
God please take away this pain of those I care for and love

God I need to practice more of what I believe and tell others. Please help me God. Make today a better day for me and You, love your friend. Richard