December 26. 2015


           Life is full of ups and downs. Much happiness is often given but also comes despair. Yes, life can become difficult at times and 'messages from God'

           Yes, life can become difficult at times and often confusing. We confront ourselves constantly with questions when searching for the right answers to lead to a rewarding path.

           Maybe our personal relationships are in trouble; we just lost a job; our sexuality gets confused because often in our lifestyle there are no guidelines; maybe we question our values of what is and isn't important; or simply we are just depressed constantly.

           Feelings and not right or wrong, they just are.

           For myself, I would get so down & out & sad, I would cry out, ''God, what do you want of me? What am I to do?"

           Talking to God is prayer. I have talk to God all my life since I was a young boy. If there is a God why not talk to the Higher Power. There were no verbal answers I could hear. 

           Yet, like someone standing behind a door. I KNEW GOD WAS THERE. Call it a feeling or a sense, but as much as I knew from right and wrong, I knew God was there. 

           No, it was not an immediate fix to my frustration, but rather a valve release of stress. 

           Oddly, within moments or hours of praying, a Peace Fell Upon Me. Though my problem was not solved, I knew and felt a burden was lifted.

           Then it falls on you! Someone says something to you;  or you see something, an action that triggers your brain. Maybe you've read something that clicks your thoughts, from an outside action, a possible answer arises which could work for you.

           Wow!  A message or even a real solution to what I am in need of! Hey, where did that come from? What is this? A message from God?

           Intellectuals will tell your it is brain power of an unconscious thought process. The other possibility  is we get messages from God.  Help is given when we ask. God is listening and responds in many ways.

           Messages are passed on to us, we are given freedom to interpret these messages and the right to act on them how we choose. 

           People you have contact with could be carrying a message for you, unknowingly,  but your brain clicks. Other messengers of God are sometimes noted by many people and people listen. Great spiritual and world leaders. It could be a child that says something that fits your situation. 'Words of wisdom from the mouths of innocence."

           Messengers vary, all shapes and sizes, frequently unknown to themselves,  many times to different people in the world in different parts of the world. 

           All is delivered because you asked for help. 

           Each of us walks a different path. God wants you to be happy. Ask for help; ask for answers to your problems; pray and talk with sincerity. God will respond; often in a message for you thru God's messengers. Let it be discovered.

           It is all part of God's master plan. Your path is very important. God asks you to walk this path with your Creator. 

           It is from God's love and for you alone. It is your Gay God Love.