Feb/Mar. 2016


This is a follow-up story from our first Gay God Love newsletter. if you did not get a copy write: editor@gaygodlove.com and we will forward you a copy.

OK, people I am living in Ricoland some folks knew I owned gay clubs, but I am a screamer, about gay rights and get defensive when people offend us.

Now I am an observer in this foreign land and I am in a personal and spiritual retreat; so I learned to keep my mouth shut at times; observing such casual talk, laughter or arrogance towards gay men.

Once at my store, I was once attacked by an ''off duty" policeman who was drunk and just being arrogant.
I ask him to call it quits and move on. He swung at me and lightly clipped me. (hit the side of my face with his fist)
How much anger he has or is he in a terrible living situation. Wow! Hate for gringos and gays.

A neighboring store owner ran out and took down his auto tags license number of the attacker. Once he saw that, he, the out of uniform cop, hopped in his car and drove off.

He wasn't a policemen from my town of Luquillo, if he was, I would have recognized him.. he knew it....the incident would be buried
The country is not safe.... SOMETIMES outside of the San Juan, it is like the wild wild west.

By the way, PR has strict gun rules and a long expensive process to purchase a gun. Let it be known, all the bad guys have guns and it is easier to purchase a gun illegally than legal and it doesn't take months but only days.

I reported the incident of the attack to the ''ON DUTY" police but they didn't do any follow-up.

Surprisingly, MANY PEOPLE along the Luquillo kioskos were very tolerant towards gays. Thanks to the oldest lesbian eatery on the island, ELLIE'S.

Ironically other gay people knew I was gay (radar) some actually were customers from previous night clubs I worked in or owned. Conversations often jetted towards island gays and our rights.

Elli was a friend and we often talked about gay rights, the bar business, and how different it was on the island for gay people compared to the States.

It seemed the islanders accepted lesbians more than gay men ,pushing away especially effeminate guys.

She wanted to know why I didn't have a partner. I told her there wasn't enough men in in her restaurant to pick someone, it was mostly male older couples who were not afraid to be seen in the lesbian bar.

Over my fourth year of not making any money. going into debt and trying to survive, I put the cheese steak shop and my house up for sale.

After nights, weeks, and months of asking for God's help, I sold the store. A few months later I sold my house when most realtors and private sellers took over 2 years to sell a property.

God is good to gay me. I moved into my small rental condo investment and put that up for sale. Six months later I used what money I had to move to Pennsylvania. Me, two American dogs and two Puerto Rican rescue cats.

Tests of BELEF continued here and one cat, MR BLUE EYE, died of cancer the fourth month here in the States.

Now my faith is weaken and doubt comes into strong play. loneliness, a quest unreachable,
and physical problems tear at me.

My PR rental condo is still for sale and is a big financial burden for me. GOD DOESN'T MAKE EVERYTHING PEACHES AND CREAM, so your prayers may not get you to win a lottery.

God has always been good to me. Not all prayers were answered but ones for survival were always answered. I do not know Gods plans. When my prayers are not answered, the reason is more than I can know; or understand. God never shares the big picture with me.

Yet, I knew there was more for me to do. I FOUND THE INNER VOICE telling me to promote God. Share what I experienced.

Let others share their personal rewards from loving God through the Paths of Courage site and newsletter.

( DESPERATELY---Still seeking your personal stories for this newsletter). Your prayers that created comfort, your interactions with a Higher Power, how you are gay and love God.
write us c/o: mcpeake737@gmail.com

It seems God in conversation is taboo in gay circles. Sometimes, it is a put down by other gays. One friend told me I was obsessed with God. Later he confessed. Maybe God deserved more time than a daily conversation in the shower. LOL...THANK YOU.

I know all this is difficult, I knew gay people have anger at traditional religions and with good reason.

But today it is time for our God, your God to be heard...all from the only HIGHER POWER... to be shared with our community. Let us share how God loves gay people.

AGAIN, in my struggle on the island, God saved me thru daily prayer. GOD happened!!
The Higher Power got me and the critters home in a beautiful tiny house.

So here I am PROMOTING GOD. Not any one religion, not to compare beliefs, but to share how WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF GOD.

Please share this newsletter with your friends or they can visit

Many gay people, go to bed hurt and lonely at night...their interactions with God gets confused.
Gay senior with so much sadness and loneliness. Trans genders are isolated and need support.
Sometimes a newsletter; its contents sharing some thoughts or hope can help them get through a day.

Still today with all our technology young people have questions of their present and past, but are given feelings/ expressions by newly met gay people; how God and religion isn't kewl.

Don't expect these ''second generation'' gay youth to express themselves to you honestly. They conceal much fear and often are afraid of being shunned.

Don't allow generation gaps to continue in the gay world. Let them know it is ok to pray and ask for help to a Higher Power.

Just because today, it is going well for you and God is stuck in your closet. Recognize your blessings and be grateful for what is and what you have.

Talk to gay seniors, people without lovers, those who have lost partners through A.I.D.S.
Speak with those struggling through addiction problems who are attempting sobriety; or those struggling to pay the rent or find a job.

We are gay and have the same problems as everyone else and we need to support one another strongly. Acceptance means working together as a community, a neighborhood, & a family.

God wants you to be happy. Talk everyday to God. Watch your life change. All problems wont disappear instantly but a glow of happiness will enter your spirit.

Help me to promote the love of GOD given to me and you.

Richard Mc Peake, was also a columnist for 2 1/2 years for the Philadelphia Gay News, IN THE 80's, a very award winning and popular GAY newspaper, You can read his column in the archives of PGN, MCPEAKE REPORT
Gay God Love is now in the process of compiling these 80's articles into an online access.