December 26. 2015


Dear God,  

           Power of the earth, universe and heaven. You who have always been there for me. I am now praying for your glory and love.

           God, I know I am one of billions of souls, asking for your attention and special care. God please share with me your courage and wisdom. I am confused and ask that you always stay with me.

           God, my trials and hardships are small compared with many others of greater problems. Yet, my problems are difficult for me. I ask for your help and guidance in my decision making. Assist my struggle to please you.

           God, teach me to love those around me. My faith in You is sometimes weak. Help make my faith in God more strong. God I believe in You.

           I believe in Your infinity and your love for me. Please help me on my path. God, my spirit and soul tells me you want to hear from me. I pray knowing your love will comfort me.

           God of the universe, Creator of all, continue to assist me.​​

This I pray, Amen.