Feb/Mar. 2016


It was a very strange dream. I was in a church. Talking from the altar area of the church was a preacher, standing below side by side, four young men began to speak to the church people one at a time.

The four young men appeared to be in the twenties or early 30's.
They talk with passion and the words were intense, in my dream I remember thinking how do they know such things.
Each spoke on a different subject with knowledge that was given and listened to in disbelief.

Their entrance was not normal, not a planned part of the ceremony.

I remember the church, I was sitting next to a friend; and a man enter the packed church, and started talking aloud; in the aisle giving predictions not like a nut but rather like a protester. Standing behind him were three more men, appearing as a group, friends or...

the preacher of this church; not to be confused with the four young men; came down from the podium area and began walking towards the man.
The preacher smile at the loud talking protester who continued giving some kind of warnings to the congregation. The other three guys stood behind with their hands extended to the congregation, as if inviting to listen to the words of the protestor.

The preacher led the man to the front of the church where he smiled and sat the man in the second row of pews. The preacher spoke of the man and called him by name and told him the man gets excited because what we are hearing is so important for all of us to know.

The lead protestor again stood and began more words to the church audience. He was followed by each of his three friends. All talking with a tone of excitement begging people to listen. I could not hear what he was saying. I was upset I couldn't hear.

When he finished peacefully, then each protester talked briefly; following the preacher return to a house prayer.

The preacher appeared to have ended the service and people who are walking out were talking.
Myself and friend. we sat on the end seats of the aisle for the service; just 2/3rds in the rear of the church.
My friend was sitting with me and I knew this time was important. The church, the 4 four men and what was being said. I could not see what happen to these four guys.

A woman walked by and began to talk to my friend, she mentioned she had a place to stay for that evening and was good with a place to live until the end of the year which was days away.

She then told us that she had to trust in God because in the new year the entire world will change.

I turn to my friend and asked who was that? I was told a very religious friend of hers. Who are these 4 guys I asked? What is going on?


I asked myself, God is this a message? What a weird dream!

My personal problems had escalated that week. I was loosing faith and at times feeling suicidal, a devils tool.

My newsletter was on the web, but I was having problems getting the email sent -out on the web. Big tech problems, uggh
There was needed advertising and more buzz of the site.
Alone, tired and disillusioned, I was very down.

My tech guy was getting frustrated with me, I was getting frustrated with the problems, the entire project.
Why am I spending thousands of dollars on this project, many dollars going on a credit card. Where is God??. Maybe I am disillusioned.

I heard within me God saying my faith is weak still. He has saved me dozens of times and I still doubt and do not believe. I am to continue and many of us are just part of a plan.

Yet doing this alone, having no partner, all of this was playing a toll on me.
I had nobody to talk with about this. My friends already were believing I am getting totally weird. Now I am talking to YOU.

I was trying to remember what the 4 guys said. Again, I wanted clarification. Inside I then felt, this is the answer. What was?

These are the four horsemen that the world speaks about. They are not biblical exotics riding on horses. They are four people sent to give you the four final warnings in which we must decide individually.
Who are they? Where are they? When they will appear? What must we decide?


I wasn't sure even what the four horsemen were about.

Naturally, I googled it. Yep four guys on a horse bringing destruction. IT IS THE END OF TIME. Really? There was mention of translation differences. YEP, 4 guys on horses BRINGING about the end of the world.

But what if these four guys were modern guys that started coming to the churchs and other public places just to give us a final warning.
What if the top messengers of God on earth, knew it could be a few years, months or weeks...but we are being giving, yet another chance by God to choose.


What are we choosing?
That was myself stupid question!
Are we choosing between God and the anti spirit of God's creation. I don't like to use the word devil because so many skeptics and half soul humans mock the concept and comes to mind is HELLBOY.

Yet the final quest of good and evil has been written about since the beginning of time.

Let me write all this down, it makes for interesting reading and thought. WHAT DO YOU THINK? A silly dream, I am overworked, over stressed, what are dreams. does God speak to you....


PS Sleep, it seems to be more interesting, like a double life, lol.